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Enclosure Software

AEC 2013

One of the most difficult and often time consuming steps in the selection of a suitable enclosure to meet your particular requirements is trying to calculate if the size chosen will accommodate terminals and cable entries you require. At ABTECH we have, for many years, been using an Enclosure Calculation software which was developed specifically for use with our range of enclosures. We decided to make this program available to our customers, free of charge, and this has been available for a number of years now and has been a tremendous success. The latest version also incorporates a terminal calculation module which lets you see at a glance whether or not the desired number of terminals can be accommodated within your chosen enclosure and , as is the case with the Entry Calculator, will print a drawing of your finished design. For users of hazardous area equipment the Terminal Calculator will also calculate the power dissipation of the proposed arrangement to ensure compliance with the certification of the enclosure. The software can be used on any PC running Windows, is simple to use and includes a comprehensive help menu to allow users to start using the program immediately, without the need for expert tuition. You can download the latest version using the link on the left, alternatively we can supply the software on CD. To request your copy, please visit the contact page.